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We Appreciate Everything

Thank you all so much for your kindness in looking after our little Rosie we appreciate everything. Thank you again so much.

Carol, Bonnie, Jacey and Eve.

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Gemma & Emily

Gemma worked for us from 2007, and is a valued member of our family. Although she no longer works for Sunnyfields, we just could not leave her out!

Gemma left us last year to become a mum for the first time to her beautiful daughter Emily.

Now 15 months old and into everything, she keeps Gemma on her toes! And we just had to show her off to you.

We miss Gemma in the office with us as she was such a big part of Sunnyfields; she has now moved on and has a company of her own, so we are especially proud of her.

If you are lucky you might just get a glimpse of Gemma and Emily when you visit and you might even get a wave from Emily!