John & Paula - owners of Sunnyfields

We Appreciate Everything

Thank you all so much for your kindness in looking after our little Rosie we appreciate everything. Thank you again so much.

Carol, Bonnie, Jacey and Eve.

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Hello, my name is John and I am one of the owners of Sunnyfields

I have loved animals since I was young, and at one time wanted to train as a vet, unfortunately this was not meant to be and I began a career in another industry, but I always felt I would like to one day be involved with pets in some way or another, and finally some thirty years later I am.

Although sometimes my work at Sunnyfields can be quite sad, it is also extremely rewarding.

I collect people's loved ones from either their home or vets and also carry out your pet's cremation at Sunnyfields.

Since we became established in 1998 I have enjoyed a very rewarding line of work offering other animal lovers the chance to say goodbye properly and in a dignified way. Here at Sunnyfields we believe in the personal touch, which is why I take pleasure in personally returning our customers pet's back home to them.