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Our Current Memorials


If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Love always and forever Mummy xx


Bossy you grew along with us, you gave us the most unique experience assisting you during the pregnancy, and gave us unconditional love. You wil be always in our hearts.

Matteo and Santana with Anera, Carlos and Nichol


You were such a special boy and we loved you so much.

Love from Mum & Dad X


You had to go on your journey Moo.

We love you and we hope you are with Faith. See you again. Love you with all our hearts xx


We miss you each and every day our darling girl. Not a day has gone passed where we do not speak about you. We were not ready for you to leave us, and if we could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Love from your family x

Boss Dog

We miss u so much Boss Dog. We love u forever.



My beautiful loving Yara.

Forever in our hearts xx


We miss you so much, our sweet girl Rosie. Thank
you for 17 years of happiness and unconditional love xxx

Place Marker

If love alone could have kept you here you would have lived forever. Forever in my heart.


Winnie, thank you for blessing our lives, you were our little Angel. I raised you with the children and you were like a Sister to them. We are heartbroken without you. Our trips to Brighton to stay at The Grand and eating ice cream on the beach, to the cuddles on the sofa.

 We miss you so much. ❤ 
Fly high little one.
Love Maria, Nanny, Ellen, Jody & Sissy xxxx


You’ve left a lump in our throats, but the love and bond we shared will forever stay in our hearts.

The day you wish would never come, but unfortunately life is cruel and you had to say goodbye in the comfort of my arms. 🥹

Sleep tight our boy, our friend that stood by us (literally) for the best 11 and half years we could ever ask for, we will forever love you and miss you xxx


Our beautiful girl Zampa was taken from us on the 13/4/23.

We had you for almost 15 years and everyday was a joy. Even the naughty bits like raiding the food waste. 

We love and will always miss you. God bless Zampa.💔


When we needed a hand, you gave us a paw. You were the best dog Tummy/Tubby.
Always loved, never forgotten.
Loved by all, fly high xx


I loved you for your entire life and now I’ll miss you for the rest of mine.

I got you when I was a child and now I am an adult, your loss will be felt for years to come. We’ll always miss you and be grateful for the love you showed us. We’ll love you even until the end of time. x


You were our guardian angle sent to look after us and you did for 14 years you were the best. You have left a huge hole in our hearts run free our girl x


Our Lucky Lulu, we love you. x


Warrior no amount of love could save you u tried so hard to stay, but I had to let u go to be at peace we love you always  until we meet again. x


Bailey was quite unique. He shared my Father’s Birthday and died on the anniversary of my Dad’s death.

He was my first dog, who taught me enough to realise life is much better with one. l will be ever grateful to him for this and give him all the credit for putting me on the right path.

Thank you, Old Bailey.


Taken far too soon, but never forgotten! Love you always little man x


As Mummy and Daddy have called you “Baby girl” since day one, always brought a smile to our faces, always a cuddle when we needed one, and always there when Mummy needed you. 

You reached 15 before you passed, but always had the baby looks. R.I.P Fizz.

May you run over rainbow bridge pain free with you big brother Dash. 

Mummy, Daddy, Emma and your Brother Milo miss you so much.


Clementine, if love could have saved you you would have lived forever.


Panther the Queen of our house. Borneo has lost his mind looking for you to annoy you! He hasn’t had his dreamies this morning  We miss you so much the house is different without you  love you Panther x


Thank you Tilly for 13 years of pure joy and unconditional love. I know you have rested knowing you are the most loved dog in the world, and we were so loved by you back. We miss you so much, shine bright up there Tills xxx


Brandy, you are missed so much every day, our home feels so empty without you. We will never forget you and the unconditional love, the joy and the laughter you brought into our lives for almost 12 years. You were the best dog anyone could ask for. Love you and miss you always. Run free over the bridge beautiful girl.


Mummy & Albie xxx


22nd of June 23 you left our home but never our hearts. You were a true warrior to the end. I let you go to save you more pain and sadness… but I made my heart break. Your Brother Magic misses you so much. He had his first Birthday without you. You should have been together to turn 10 Warrior. I miss and love you so much my brave boy xx We love you xx Mummy,  Kaiden and Magic.


Our precious boy Forrest, treat loving, walk hating, docile funny boy. We will miss absolutely everything about you. Sleep gently our sweet boy. You will never be forgotten.


To my darling Bowbow sleep tight babam Mummy loves you very much x


You were the most kind beautiful boy. We will always cherish our memories with you. Rest peacefully our best boy. We love you. Love from your family.


To my dearest Sox, love u lots and hope you’re happy in heaven with your Sister Boop Boop.


To the boy who changed Grandpa. I miss you soooo much, you will be back home with us soon, but at the moment you’re with Grandpa. We miss and love you baby boy.


To our buba Codey, you crossed the rainbow bridge knowing you was loved but you’ve left permanent paw prints on our heart for eternity, our love for you will live on forever 01/06/2019 – 25/01/24


My name is Milo I was 15 nearly 16, I had a big Brother Dash well not related, but he was still my brother, who passed away in 2017. He made it until he was nearly 11. My twin Sister Fizz passed away 6 months ago in August. My Mum and Dad were so upset that I had to give them extra love and support.

Big Sis Emma did not really understand what was going on, but I still managed to get an odd cuddle here and there. I loved being nosey, loved all the attention, loved getting fuss, cuddles and waiting on the window sill waiting for Mum and Dad to come home of evening so I could jump into my Dad’s arms to say welcome home. Being noisy was one of my favourite traits too, it got me the attention I wanted, especially from my Mum. She would give into me very easily, especially with the treats. Unfortunately I become poorly very quickly, I couldn’t eat, become lethargic and very fatigued. Mum called Dad and on 21st February 2024 passed away in Dad’s arms. Now running free with my sister Fizz and big rother Dash.

Mum and Dad, I know you are very upset, but we will always be there next to you to give you the love and comfort that you need. The three of us fur babies love you all dearly. All those fun times we had, Dash when he scared Dad in the garden when he jumped up to him and all Daddy could see was Dash’s white belly coming towards him.. Fizz…when she was only about 2 or so, running up garden, jumped to get up on the patio and she missed the step, and hit her head. Mum checked her over, she was ok though.

But I am so sorry to have to leave you all now, but my time has come to head towards the clouds and rainbow. Please remember us and think of all the good years we have spent together.

Love you all.

Milo & Fizz back together again…. Always in my heart and always by our sides.


Cass you will always be missed forever. So lost without you. Thinking of you always. Love from all.