John & I founded Sunnyfields in 1998 with a vision of providing a caring, sympathetic and dignified service to you and your loved one at such a sad time, we wanted to offer comfort to you in your loss and heartache and offer a feeling of care and empathy.

To provide a completely different cremation service, to go over and above the norm, not only in the amount of time we give to people but hopefully in the warmth you feel from us when you visit or call us. This care starts from the moment you contact us, we spend as much time with you as you need and guide you through every stage until your loved one is back home with you, and into the future as we always welcome and encourage people to stay in contact, visit us to remember their friend or if they just wish to talk

 John (Owner)

Has been working with animals all his adult life in one way or another and now brings this expertise into Sunnyfields pet crematorium.

Once a trainee vet he has a wealth of experience with animals.

John has looked after an elephant from London zoo and also sadly had to go to the Hyde park bombing where several horses were put to sleep.

When you come to Sunnyfields John will welcome you and lay your friend in our Chapel of Rest, where you can spend some time if you would like to.

From there John will see you in the Reception area where you can sit and talk with John and talk with him.



Paula (Owner)

Has mainly worked in administration until 1998 when Sunnyfields was founded. After losing 2 of her own pets, Paula had always wanted to found a Pet Crematorium to help others with their loss.

A qualified counsellor, Paula then mastered in Bereavement Counselling to further ensure the ability of Sunnyfields to offer a unique and helpful environment for people to turn to in times of loss.

Over the years all of our family has worked and assisted with Sunnyfields and ensuring a friendly and quiet place of comfort and rest to our clients.

Paula also looks after the Sunnyfields Website and products that we offer.




Our dogs

Are also a very special part of our lives and gives us the same perspective of how important they are as members of our family, and how devastating their loss is.

The photo here shows three of our dogs – sadly Ellie passed away a few years ago but Purdy and Shala are thankfully still with us.








Mandy (Our Social Media Queen)

Mandy is behind the scenes, looking after the sunnyfields Facebook page, however she is always there to answer any questions and with a sympathetic ear – so please feel free to contact her if you are too upset to talk and she will help you the best she can.
Mandy has adored all animals, from a very young age. Always taking care of waifs and strays.
At the age of 12 Mandy started working every weekend in a boarding kennels and cattery. Upon leaving school she immediately began a YTS scheme in a grooming parlour.
But sadly had to leave after a back condition was discovered. She then spent the next few years undergoing surgeries and recovering.
Mandy spent 20 years rescuing rats from horrendous conditions and giving them the life they deserved.

Mandy and her partner Tash have a menagerie of animals. Their most beloved being 4 disabled rescue dogs. (shown left) As well as 4 indoor cats, guinea pigs, micro squirrels ( APD’s) ,  Hermit crabs, birds ,  tarantulas and reptiles.